30 August

Abstracts submission

The official delivery deadline for presentations in the symposiums, will be available from April 15 August 30 2021. The sending of abstracts must be made, exclusively through the CIBEN 2021 congress platform, for which the participants must be previously registered in the event.
Abstracts will be accepted both in Spanish and English. Abstracts sent by an email will not be accepted. The summaries accepted by the scientific committee will be compiled and published in the Proceeding of the CIBEN 2021, which will have ISBN.
The summary will contain a maximum 300 words, in a single block, in which the following elements are included :

  • Objective: Brief description of the problem and work objectives.
  • Methodology: Description of the study area, materials, methods, techniques and experimental design.
  • Results: Presentation of the results obtained in the investigation
  • Main conclusions: Conclusions should be considered in accordance with the discussion or analysis carried out. They must be concrete, clear and precise. Do not number the conclusions or use abbreviations. There must be a congruence with the information presented on the objective and the results.
  • Keywords: Between 5 to 8 keywords.