Yanet Villasana

This symposium has as a goal to provide an international academic platform for exchanging ideas, perspectives and recent advances in natural resources bioprospection and rational use of biodiversity under sustainability criteria. The topics of this symposium include the study, design, development, management, and application of innovative technologies based on biological and genetic resources that can provide an added value to products associated to diverse sectors of society, that will contribute to improving life quality in societies, developing mitigation of environmental impacts, and generating specific knowledge.
The symposium will be aimed towards ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, the study of the chemistry of natural products, omics sciences, synthetic biology, genome editing and NGS, advancing understanding of biochemical, molecular, and metabolic processes, obtaining services and biotechnological products of high value to human health (bioactive compounds, biopharmaceuticals, etc), the development of energy sources from biodiversity (biomass, biodiesel, etc.), sustainable biomaterials (mycotecture and biotextiles), biocompounds (surfactants), and bioproducts (plague and disease control agents, promoters of plant growth, biofertilizers, etc.).



Biomass, bioenergy, biorefinery, biomaterials, and bioproducts.

Ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, and chemistry of natural products.

Biocatalysis and biotransformation.

Biosynthesis, metabolic engineering, and genome editing.

Biotechnology applied to food, agriculture, and environment.